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CATC January Newsletter

Below are some highlights for this month. 

Management change of CATC-HCC

CATC-HCC wants to serve its customers even better after reorganization.

CATC-HCC announced a change in the company name and management of its offices in Aruba and St. Maarten, effective January 1, 2022. The daily management of the Aruban office will be in the hands of Robin Roossien, Mireille de Miranda, and Reint Roossien. Norman Henriquez will be in charge of the St. Maarten site.

In 2018, the two leading accountancy firms CATC (founded in 1994) and HCC (founded in 1968) successfully merged under the name CATC-HCC. Recently the management with 2 people and rebranded the offices under the name CATC (Caribbean Accounting & Tax Consultants). The current director and founder of the CATC group, Reint Roossien, is satisfied with the new generation joining the board: ‘The new director of CATC, Mireille de Miranda, has already been active as a Tax Adviser within our organization in the past. After working for several years as a senior tax advisor at a big 4 office, with her, further gained experience, in 2019 she decided to return to CATC as Managing Partner Tax & Legal; we are very happy with her!

In addition, I am pleased to see that my son Robin, who studied International Business & Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa, has proven himself in recent years to be ready for an executive position at CATC. Of course, I will still be involved in the day-to-day running of CATC, but it gives me a nice feeling that capable people are running the company when I am absent. But the most important thing is that after this reorganization we can serve our customers even better; that is the essential task of our new management. With the help of well-known and trusted brand names, this will certainly work on Aruba as well as on St. Maarten, Curacao, and Bonaire!

Upcoming deadlines

1: Filing and payment for tax return January 2021 (St. Maarten Tax Authorities) February 15, 2022.

2: Submit Collective wage statement 2021(Bonaire Tax Authorities) January 31, 2022.

Company Photoshoot

On Friday 14, 2022 CATC organized a Company Photoshoot.

Sandra 30th Anniversary

CATC would like to congratulate Sandra on her 30th work anniversary. We are proud to have her with us.
We are grateful for her contribution and dedication to our organization.

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